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Outstanding OFW Blogger: NSA Scholarship helped me bequeath a brighter future


Almost five (5) years ago I finished my secondary education. Though I graduated with flying colors, entering a prestigious university in the nearby city became a big challenge.

I believe my mind & body can make it but not our pockets since I was born poor. Our family’s main source of income those days was merely farming.

Cliché as it may sound but poverty is not a hindrance to success. I really want to have a college degree so I tried to apply for a scholarship grant and eventually, passed all the required examinations. To make the long story short, I became a NSA Cadet and my life was changed forever.



In a TV interview, I detailed how I started my seafaring career and got a job right after I graduated college.

Thanks to NSA Philippines Cadet Program! 🙂 I’m always grateful for their given trust and support.


If you or you know a friend, relative or perhaps a colleague who aspires to study in college for *free and be a world-class seafarer in the near future, encourage him/her now to apply for a NSA Scholarship grant!




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