It’s OK to be Gay – Marine deck officer ‘Neneng’

For Filipino Third Officer Noli Jun Guirhem being true to yourself is key to achieve more happiness and success in life hence, one should be proud of his/her God-given unique personality.

Noli, whom preferred to be called by a sweet girly name of “Neneng”, had admitted though that his gay gender wasn’t easily accepted at sea. But amid discrimination being part of the LGBT community, he was challenged to prove and show more his most ‘beautiful’ side.

He believes that by being kind and patient, he could win the hearts of his fellow crew onboard their ship.


“As an officer onboard it’s hard to get acceptance and respect from everybody else especially when you’re a uniquely beautiful guy. It’s hard to keep the things for yourself when you are feeling a lil’ bit different, and it becomes a challenge to show who you really are,” Neneng wrote in a Facebook post.

Is it really OK to be gay at sea?

Witty Neneng, standing tall, proud and poised (like Miss Universe) nailed such wonderful question.


“As for me, I’s okay to be gay! Gender, race or color don’t define performance on work. After all we are humans capable of doing any job regardless of what label they put on us. Lastly, as long (as) you do not compromise the safety of the ship and the people onboard, you are competent to work onboard even what gender you are.”


Our Sailing Republic blog salutes you, Neneng! May you continue to advocate gender equality, empowerment and anti-discrimination among migrant workers.


Like Neneng feel young, happy and free today. Okay?

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