MAGSAYSAY is hiring Filipinos to man world’s leading cruise ships. Apply for a job today!



If you want to work in world’s famous and top cruise companies like Aida, P&O and Costa, among others, then check out Magsaysay’s latest job offers.

JOB ALERT: Magsaysay latest cruise ship job offers

Magsaysay, an outstanding company, which was founded in 1948, is Philippine Overseas Employment Administration’s recipient of the following awards:

Presidential Award of Excellence (2010),

Awards of Excellence (1994-2010),

Awards of Distinction (1992-1993),

Hall of Fame (1990)

and Top Performer (1988-1990).

Recently, I was able to connect with one of Magsaysay’s recruitment specialists. Here’s what she shared me –

Working Experience

Preferred applicants for F&B, housekeeping, galley, technical and the likes should have at least 1 year related work experience in 3-5 star hotels or fine dining restaurants.

Job application

Various job offers are posted and aspirants may apply on their website

Watch out for posted job opportunities on their social media pages, too!

Follow-up of job application

  • For new applicants who haven’t been scheduled for interview yet, you may visit our Magsaysay office at Magsaysay Recruitment Center, Ground Floor, G.E. Antonino Bldg. T.M. Kalaw St., Ermita, Manila. Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm only.

Or call these numbers:

  • For passenger, 5268888 loc 9441/9437/9443/9642
  • For shipping, 5268888 loc 9440/9429
  • Active crewmembers on the other hand, are encouraged to call these numbers:

Trunk Line – 5268888


  • Starcruise – 9346/9468
  • Aida – 9615
  • Multifleet – 9476/9491
  • Princess – 9461/9645
  • Mopas – 9717
  • Cruise Technical – 9373
  • P&O – 9676
  • Costa – 9639
  • Landbased – 9441

Account Error

  • For any technical error you encountered while accessing your Magsaysay career account, please ‘screenshot’ and email to or you may contact Magsaysay at 09292562436 or 5268888 local 9441.

Body Tattoo

  • If you have tattoo(s), you may still apply but some principals are very strict with regards to location and size of your tattoo(s).

Use of English during the interview

  • The applicant should use English but not forced to speak fluently. May we remind the applicant that to review is the key for a succesful interview.

Age limit

  • None so far. But if you had encountered there was, it might be for ENTRY LEVEL positions which principals get new graduates with good and pleasing personalities.

Height limit

  • Some (not all) of Magsaysay principals have but your work experience is matters more.

Color blindness

  • You’ll be accepted as long as your position applied is not for deck department.

For more tips on how to secure a cruise ship job quickly, read my other blog post entitled Ultimate Guide to secure your dream cruise ship job

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How do you find Magsaysay as a manning agency?

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5 thoughts on “MAGSAYSAY is hiring Filipinos to man world’s leading cruise ships. Apply for a job today!

  1. Cristine Kaye D Pulonan

    I find magsaysay as manning agency when i ask my colegues. They said that magsaysay is one of the outstanding company and help aspiring seaferers to achive their dreams to work on a ship.


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