FREE Simulator Trainer and Assessor Course for Filipino Seafarers


Post updated: 27/01/18

In reference to STCW Advisory No. 2017-09, the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA), Commission on Higher Education (CHED), and the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP) have joined force to train experts in simulator-related maritime training and assessment.

A Filipino seafarer who has completed IMO Model Course 6.09 (Instructor) and IMO Model Course 3.12 (Assessor) can avail a world-class IMO Model Course 6.10 (Simulator Trainer and Assessor) training at MAAP for FREE. If shorlisted, he has just to pay PHP 1,800.00 for his secured accommodation and food during the conduct of the training.

Fyi, IMO MC 6.10 training fee is expensive. It costs up to an estimated amount of PHP 16,000.00!?. For this reason, I highly encourage you to grab this golden opportunity.

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How to qualify?

Every month, the MARINA-Main Office submits a list of qualified participants to MAAP Simulator Center.

As what I said earlier, you have to have IMO MC 6.09 and IMO 3.12 training certificates. In addition, those endorsed by their training center or maritime school are preferred. Means, if you have some good teaching experience, you’ll likely be selected.

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The selection of participants is also nationwide so pray that you’ll be chosen as one of the lucky few.

How to secure a slot?

Ohrayt. There are two ways to book an IMO MC 6.10 training schedule. These are by endorsement and personal request.

On this blog post, I’ll show you how to personally appeal to MARINA that you deserve a slot.


If you have met the qualifications I stated above, contact MARINA’s Human Resource Department (HRD).

email: stcw.hr@gmail.com

Phone: TBC

Or if you’re nearby, it’s better to visit MARINA Kalaw’s HRD.

Ask for IMO 6.10 free training and tell them that you are qualified and interested to join. (Be ready to show your certificates, and remember to be polite and humble when making a request.)

It’s simple as that, matey. 😊

What are the training schedules for 2018?

Last year, I was able to secure a copy of training schedule from MARINA Public Information Division (PID). The PID was still in-charge of this matter that time.

Moving on, MAAP Simulator Center emailed me few days ago the 2018 training schedules.

Tada! Choose your sched.

2018 Schedule of Training IMO 6.10

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What are your thoughts about free IMO 6.10 Training at MAAP?

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61 replies »

  1. Sir Mark, Please enroll me on August 15 – 18, 2017 schedule r if it is already full it will be on September 12 – 16, 2017.Thank you.


  2. Good day Sir,
    I’m very much interested in
    Taking up the IMO course 6.10
    Is the August schedule available


  3. Good day,

    Dear Sir,

    I had imo course 6.09 can i join for the training of 6.10 on Aug 15-18 2017
    Appreciate your prompt reply for above matter.

    Capt.Allan G.Arcenal


  4. Good day. I am a Master Mariner and have completed IMO 6.09 training. I am interested to avail your free training program. Kindly advise your next available slot and how to register.


  5. Good Day Sir,
    I already have my MC 6.09 and I’m interested to take the MC 6.10.Is
    Sept.schedule still available?


    • Hello Chief, please be advised that reservation of slot is with MARINA Human Resource Office. We tried to send them email last month to secure a slot but haven’t received a reply yet. Hence, I think it’s better if you walk-in and personally ask for reservation in MARINA kalaw office. If you’re not that far away sir.


  6. Sir good day, requesting to attend on your Dec. 12-15, 2017 schedules training of IMO 6.10. Your reply is highly appreciated


  7. Sir/Madame, I would like to ask an slot for IMO Model Course 6.10 this coming Dec 12-15, 2017.
    I completed my IMO 6.09 in NMP last Sep-2017 and I will have my IMO 3.12 until Dec 1.
    I been in MAAP also for many times already. Kind regards, Capt. Jessie Improso


  8. Good pm sir, I would like to attend your free 6.10 training this Feb. 2018 please allow me to take a slot thank you and Godbless.


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