Why eating Balut is fun

A famous and commonly sold Philippine street-food, balut is a *boiled developing chicken embryo.

When Malaysian friends Ameer and West visited Manila mid of February 2017, I introduced them what balut is and why they should try to eat at least one. So when we headed back to their hostel, we bought some from a street vendor in Bocobo Street.


As I had handed over them the eggs, they partially shelled each but I easily observed Ameer feeling uneasy. Looking at the partly developed chicken embryo, he likely saw a ‘ghost’ chick.

On the other hand, West was a bit adventurous. He quickly ate his balut.

“It tastes good.” West said.


Apparently, Ameer had some second thoughts. On his mind, the undeveloped chicken embryo he saw inside the egg was ‘craziest’ thing to munch for that day.

“Eat now, Ameer. It’s jelly.” West commanded.

I also tried to encourage more our dear friend to eat the balut now.

“You know what you had never been to Manila if you haven’t eaten balut!” I said.

Finally, perhaps pressured by his companions, Ameer closed his eyes and quickly swallowed the jelly part.


“Whoa, it tastes great!” he uttered in jest upon trying balut for the first time.



*Text copied from Wikipedia

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