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Work is highly challenging in world’s No.1 cruise ship

On her online article for CNN, respondent Katia Hetter writes:

Viking Sea won best overall ship in the small-mid size ship category, best entertainment, best service, best fitness, best public rooms and best shore excursions. Meanwhile, its sister ship Viking Star won for best dining, best cabins, best value and best for first-time cruisers in the same size category.


© Viking Cruises

FYI, it was only in 2015 when Viking Ocean Cruises launched its first ocean cruise ship. But they were able to break a leg and has dominated the cruise industry in a short span of time.

While the annual victory in Cruise Critic Cruiser’s Choice Awards seemed to be in the bag for Viking has maintained an excellent customer service, we would like to hear the sacrifices of our dedicated and hardworking Filipino seafarers aboard the world’s top cruise ships.


The Republic confabs with Sir Routh Gar Flogio, admin of Working Pinoy Cruise Ship (WPCS) Facebook group and a crew who has sailed each Viking Sea and Viking Star cruise ships.

“It’s not easy to be number 1 but we have teamwork, and crew of Viking ships are dedicated. These are the reasons why we’re able to impress and serve our guests well.

“In fact, we used to work like ‘James Bond’ on the floor.

“Sabi ko nga sa mga baguhan or mga newly hired crew, we need to make a big WOW impression sa mga guests (I told the newly hired crew that we have to impress our guests).

“We need to execute things in the right way.

“For example, to help build a harmonious relationship onboard, everyone take the responsibility to own a problem at work.

Ibig sabihin, pag may guest complaint kahit hindi sa department mo, need mo ipakita sa kanila ang positive action (Means, if you received a guest complaint, you have to take action eventhough it’s not under your department).

“We sincerely follow-up talaga hanggang masolve na ang problema (We truly attend to the problem until it’s solved).” Routh imparted us in both English & Tagalog language.

Asked why likely one has to break his back at sea, Routh said that they don’t want to disappoint their guests, kaya dapat walang energy gap (no energy gap).

Photos courtesy of RG Flogio/Facebook and Viking.

Source: CNN News, Viking Cruises

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  1. Hello Daniel,Each vendor has their own requirements for the personnel they would like to hire. When you visit their booth, they will inform you about the requisite qualifications for the various roles they have open. We also suggest that all visitors to the Fair walk with a CV highlighting their experience and education to leave with the hiring managers.


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