WOW ANILAO : Underwater Treasures

Dubbed as one of the best diving sites in the world, Anilao  in Batangas, Philippines is a must visit place for water adventure and sports enthusiasts.

The surrounding waters of the area has rich marine biodiversity. A plethora of corals, fishes and the likes, of awesome types, colors and shapes, are thriving underwater.

Joined by my Malaysian friend and at the same time scuba dive instructor West, we were able to discover a paradise hidden underwater in Anilao.


So, here we go… scuba diving!


After some boat and night dives, we feasted our eyes on these cool creatures!

Photos credit: J. Tabangay of Anilao Backpackers

As a Filipino, I couldn’t help myself not to be proud of Anilao. Let me then encourage you, my dears readers around the globe, to #exPHerience (experience Philippines) and enjoy what Anilao underwaters has to offer today!



What can you say about scuba diving to see Anilao’s underwater treasures?

Do you plan to visit the place in the near future to experience personally its natural wonders, too?

Share us your thoughts about this blog post by writing a comment below.



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