How to start your maritime teaching career in the Philippines



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I believe in your remarkable personality and dreams. With the right motivation, training and knowledge, you can be a great maritime teacher/assessor. But to make a difference, you should first change your perspective and be willing to go out of your comfort zone.

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This blog post aims to show you how to jump-start your teaching career through the National Maritime Polytechnic of the Philippines – Manila.


Credit: NMP

The NMP Manila Office offers IMO Model Courses, 6.09 and 3.12 for those who want to be a maritime instructor and assessor, respectively.

Enrollment could be done personally or by an authorized representative. Walk-in to NMP Manila Registrar’s Office with office address at NMP, 2nd Floor Employees Compensation Commission Building, Senator Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City.

For those seafarers who are still on board but wish to enroll, you may e-mail or call by phone to process your enrollment.

Enrollment is on a first come first served basis since the required number of participant per batch which is 24 students shall be maintained.

I encourage you to enroll ahead of the schedule since a batch usually becomes fully booked two months before its scheduled date.

Enrollment Procedure

1.Personally or by Authorized Representative at the NMP Office

1.Fill out the Registration Form

2.Submit the following requirements:

-3 pcs. 1×1 ID
-1 pc. 2×2 picture with name and in white background (in uniform if a seafarer)
-Photocopy of board license (if applicable)
-Photocopy of  MC 6.09 from accredited training centers if enrolling in  MC 3.12

3.Pay the corresponding fees to the Cashier in cash or Manager’s Check (if Company sponsored)

2.Through Email or Phone Call

1.Inquire of the available schedule that is suitable for you.

2.Pay the corresponding fees at any branch of the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) by filling out three (3) copies of deposit slip (1 for NMP, 1 for enrollee & 1 for the bank)


Account Number: 0775-017488-030

3.After payment, photocopy your deposit slip and write in the photocopy the enrollees name, contact number/mobile number, training schedule and amount deposited. Then, fax it immediately to (02) 897-27-67 or email at in order for us to have your name listed at the Reservation for Registration Control Sheet.

4.After sending it through fax transmission, send the original copy of the deposit slip through courier (LBC, 2go, Air 21 etc.) to the NMP (see address above) with the enrollees name, contact number/mobile number, and training schedule.

5.When already in NMP, fill-out the Registration Form and submit the following:

-3 pcs. 1×1 ID
-1 pc. 2×2 picture with name and white background (in uniform if a seafarer)
-Photocopy of board license (if applicable)
-Photocopy of MC 6.09 from accredited training centers if enrolling in MC 3.12

Training Fees

MC 6.09 – Eight Thousand Pesos (PhP8,000.00)

MC 3.12- Eleven Thousand Four Hundred Pesos (PhP11,400.00)

-Training Fees are non-refundable but valid for a duration of one (1) year from the date of the original schedule enrolled in case the participant may not be able to attend as scheduled

-A fee of Fifty Pesos (PhP50.00) will be charged for rescheduling to the desired available schedule.

Other Requirements

1.Trainees/enrollees are required to email us at to confirm their attendance one (1) week prior the scheduled date of training. This is to prevent recurrence of officially enrolled trainees not showing up to attend the training because they  have prioritized other personal concerns.   Failure to confirm attendance within the specified period   automatically forfeits your slot.

2.Classes for MC 6.09 start from 7:30am and end at 5:00pm. For MC 3.12, classes start at 8:00 a.m. till 5 p.m. However, during the first day of classes please be in NMP Manila Office before 8am for registration/submission of requirements.  Participants are advised to come on time to avoid being Incomplete which means you need to take the topic or sub-topic you have missed in the next available schedule.

3.Daily attire: Polo or shirt with collar (no rubber shoes, faded jeans and shirts with prints of other training centers). Participant is required to have two (2) sets of formal attire to be used during the microteaching in MC 6.09 or Assessment in MC 3.12 and during graduation day.

4.In order to aid you with your training the following are important.


b.Know-how in powerpoint presentation

c.Reference materials for micro teaching and test construction exercises. (optional)


a.For company sponsored training, the sponsoring agency is required also to email us at of their intention on the training  certificate of their participant(s) if this will be  picked up by their authorized representative.  None submission of the intention will automatically mean that the certificate will be issued to the trainee upon completion of the  course on the last day of training duration.

b.Trainees are discouraged to bring their own car vehicles as the ECC Building Administrator cannot provide free parking spaces for all the trainees of NMP (46 participants for 10-day duration of training for both MC 6.09/3.12 simultaneous class) and numerous tenant clients (ECC, DOLE ECOP) frequenting the building.

Ready to enroll? Below is NMP’s schedule of classes for both MC 6.09 (green) and MC 3.12 (red) for 2017.


For more queries, kindly contact NMP Manila on these numbers –

Tel. No. 897-2767 /CP No. 09273046588



Source: The Registrar, NMP Manila


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