Seafarer’s daughter is Philippine’s representative to World Championship of Performing Arts in US


© RM Gocoyo

“I feel honored because this also serves as validation for my God-given talent, it gives a better purpose for me because I can put my singing talent into something that does not only make my family and  friends but also the affiliations I am in my school, my workplace, my Alma mater, my band, and my country proud of,” said Rae Margarette N. Gocoyo, 24, of Dasmarinas Cavite after being chosen as one of the lucky few to compete in the 21st World Championship of Performing Arts (WPCOA) to be held in Long Beach California on July 2017.

Rae is a daughter of Mr. Ramil Gocoyo, a fellow seafarer currently serving onboard a Norwegian tanker vessel and the man she would sweetly belt-out Celine Dion’s hit song Because You Love Me for.

On this blog post, we will get to know more about Rae’s WPCOA journey and her thoughts being a child of an Overseas Filipino.

Here’s my interview with Rae.

Tell us something interesting about yourself?


© RM Gocoyo

I graduated from De La Salle University – Dasmarinas with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Communication Major in Public Relations. I was a band vocalist of the university’s official band called the Lasallian Pop Band which belongs to the Performing Arts Group under Cultural Arts Office of DLSUD, with it I was granted scholarship all throughout my college life which is also challenging cause despite being given a scholarship I would be a top student and top performer in the band to be able to maintain one. I’ve been performing almost my whole life and I was musically inclined since birth. I am currently doing gigs and performing at events that I myself organize. I know how to play some guitar, some keyboards and drums but singing will always be my number 1 talent. 

How did you qualify for Team Philippines?


© RM Gocoyo

WCOPA auditions are per invite only, so I was very fortunate to be referred and invited to audition at the said event. we were only given 60 seconds to showcase your whole talent and from there they will decide if you have the potential to be a delegate, with a panel of 8, including those who have already judged at the said competition, I was one of the fortunate ones to be chosen.

How do you prepare yourself then to make your country proud?

I get back into rehearsing almost everyday and focusing on bettering my singing and performing, by doing gigs in any event or bar or cafe possible.  I am currently in schedule for voice coaches and meeting with potential musical directors which I hope would be pleased with my talent so that they could help me further for the competition.

What are the challenges/difficulties?

I guess at first it was hard to commit to a job and commit to a competition as big as this. Although the competition is international and I would represent the country, sadly they would not be covering for my expenses, just like every other delegate who got chosen, we have to pay for our own expenses and I think that is difficult because the government isn’t really putting that much attention to it, thus having the only a few people who actually know about the competition that has been going on for 21 years already. 

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On the other hand, are you proud to be a child of a seafarer? If yes, why?

Of course. Being a child of a seafarer or an OFW in general is something that one should be proud of. Because of them the economy of our country is growing. But in a more personal light, I am proud that my father is a seafarer because with that I can tell how much he loves us, because choosing to be further away to give us a good life than his own convenience to work locally and just fit in what our government offers means a lot. i mean, he could have a good job in the Philippines and give us a good life, but he went out of his way to get a better job and give us a better life.

Lasty, your message to inspiring Overseas Filipino Children who has talent(s) and like you, would like to fulfill their dreams to perform on world stage someday.

If you have it… then don’t be afraid to show it, there are a lot of people who has talents that the world needs to see but then feels shy because in the environment we live in we get judged by what we look, our marketability, because based on my experience, you can get in the entertainment industry in the Philippines if you look like a model and not have talent, so why not just be like our parents who aim higher not just for the good but for the better. If you can’t find your break here, then go join an international competition like this one where the whole world can appreciate you for your talent and not just by the way you look. And don’t be afraid of rejections because it keeps you grounded and a foothold for improvement. 

Paul Weber, casting director of MGM, stated that WPCOA is an impressive event. On the other hand, the ‘Olympics of Performing Arts’ according to Michael McDonald, VP of Drama Development at ABC Television Studios, provides contestants an unparalleled opportunity to network and make connections. Many talented actors and artists come to Los Angeles and get lost at sea, but WCPOA allows them to hit the ground running.

Among others champs, Filipino celebrities Jed Madela and Jona/Jonalyn Viray were hailed Grand Champion Performers of the World (Senior Division) in 2005 and 2006 respectively.

WPCOA is an annual event founded by Griff O’Neil in 1996. Set in California, it is the first and only international competition which aims to discover the next world’s brightest stars.

Will Rae Margarette bring home the bacon?

Let’s wish for her success this coming July!



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