Marsha Brunswick: The honest Overseas Filipino


©M. Brunswick, ©C. Pretlow

Honesty is the best policy – Marsha Brunswick, an ex-call center agent in US, enacted this adage ideally.

American professor Dr. Carol J. Pretlow once lost her wallet while travelling. Her money, cards and receipts, among others, were eventually gone but if there’s one thing she couldn’t afford to lose, that’s no other than the memory of her loving father well represented by a photo of him she put inside the said wallet.

Fortunately, Marsha had found what Dr. Pretlow was hardly looking for. She opened the wallet but merely found the professor’s name, without her residential address or employment details whatsoever.

Eager where to find Dr. Pretlow so she could return her stuff, she started hunting her through Google and Facebook. After a few searches, she found out that Dr. Pretlow is a professor of Norfolk State University (NSU) in West Virginia. She wrote a comment on NSU’s Facebook Page about Dr. Pretlow’s wallet and it paved way for the Filipina’s honesty to be known globally.

Dr. Pretflow and Marsha finally met each other in person. The former was very thankful, citing that the Filipina did all her best to return her lost belonging. Interestingly, she revealed that the picture of her father, which Dr. Pretlow used to keep for years, is the last and only memorabilia she had of him.

Appreciating a remarkable honesty, Dr. Pretflow then offered Marsha some cash rewards but the latter refused it. She even felt the desirable trait she showed was a typical global Filipino attitude and was nothing special.

But Dr. Pretflow was truly compelled by Marsha’s kindness so she looked for a way for their ‘special’ encounter to be featured in a hit US TV show.


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