Seaman’s Book Online Application: A short guide for Filipinos

In our opinion, the walk-in application of seaman’s book’ is conventional and a lil’ bit tedious way. Since it observes ‘first come, first serve’ policy, one has to wake up early in the morning, and beat the traffic to secure a queue number in MARINA.

But for your inconvenience (and if you’re not in rush to possess the document), why not secure an online appointment?

Here’s how.



1.) Go to Marina appointment website.

2.) Select SIRB in the type of document to be applied for, and choose your preferred appointment DATE and TIME.

3.) Fill up the online application form correctly.

4.) Once your appointment is confirmed, download and print the application form. It has your appointment control number, and scheduled date and time. Bring this paper (along with other required documents) when you report to MARINA. Please be reminded that only CONFIRMED appointment is entertained.

5.) Early or late comers will be ignored. Arrive thirty (30) minutes before your specified appointment date and time, as what is written in the form. MARINA enforces strict rules for personal appearance. You must be in MARINA SCDD Office, located at 5th Level of SM City Manila, Concepcion St. corner Arroceros St., Manila for image capturing.



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