Hilarious ship’s crew who might scare the hell out of you


Celebrating Halloween is outrageously funny, and a lil’ bit scary at sea!?

On one ship for example, some prominent crew members portrayed outrageously eerie characters you would likely love to hate. Participating in a costume making and character presentation contest, they were more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

Ohrayt. It’s time to know them (and their not so intriguing stories) !

1.The Mummy


A remarkable case of mistaken identity. Celebrating his 100th death anniversary, The Mummy returns with well, his favorite suit. Attending a neighborhood trick or treat party a century ago, he wore the same tissue paper-inspired costume. He supposed to win Best in Costume that night if only the toilet bowl hadn’t sucked him in alive. Police investigations further revealed that he died due to an accidental flushing of one’s self while discharging. Thankfully, with the help of microorganisms thriving inside the septic tank, his body was perfectly mummified.

2.Dracula Potter 


Explosive like father (like son). It’s an open-secret that Count Dracula had once left his kingdom and went to Hogwatts in search of someone very special to him – his only child with human named Emma. Thanks to Waze, he had beaten the traffic and arrived very timely – somewhat like just only a second left before his son turns seven years old. Surprised of his sudden appearance, the child asked the visiting vampire of his name and intention. The legendary knight then answered, “Hi baby, I’m your daddy. I came here to give you this gift. Happy Birthday,” and he kissed him sweetly on his forehead.

The child, though still puzzled of what’s happening around, grinned ear-to-ear while opening his gift. Upon tearing the box by his crooked fangs, he found a smart phone inside. He immediately switched it on, connected it to the neighbor’s WIFI, took a selfie photo using Camera 360 app (to look whiter) and finally, had posted selfie photo on Facebook with a dramatic caption; “I am disappointed to know that my ‘true’ father is ugly and still alive today. @IamDanielRadcliffe @TrueEmmaWatson thought you’re my parents. Escape hell and please explain to me now!

Meanwhile, Count Dracula quickly saw such post. He gave it an angry emoji, turned to the child, grabbed the latter’s neck and told him furiously, “Don’t make me hhungry. You don’t like me when I’m hungry! Grrrrr!”.

The child started to cry out of fear but the confused (if hungry or angry) vampire couldn’t resist the noise so he had dropped him on the floor and finally decided to go back to Romania to eat lunch.

The meeting was somehow traumatic for him hence, the half vampire – half human child quipped on another Facebook post, “I can’t believe such blood sucking creature came into my birthday just to hurt my feelings?!. But the good thing is, he gave me a smart phone! I can now play PokemonG all day!. #GiftfromHell #BirthdayPaMore #DaddyNoMore”

He then downloaded the famous mobile game app and started to search for cute monsters around. But just upon catching his very first Pokemon, his brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had exploded and burned him quickly to death.

3.Edward The Zombie 


The world’s swan (not two) and only vampire-zombie. People used to know Edward as a charming and polite protector of a swan named Bella but his personality changed drastically when he rode a train to visit Busan, South Korea. Since the tragic zombie-biting trip, Edward launched a world tour to promote his advocacy which is no other than living a healthy lifestyle by eating brains and of course, swan farming. On his second to the last leg of worldwide tour, the 3-in-1 (vampire-zombie-entrepreneur) icon was already flooded with speaking and TV appearance invitations. In fact, he just recently broke TV’s all-time highest rating record when he appeared half-naked and ‘brainless’ in Oprah. In the said talk show, he bit the influential lady host’s neck out of disappointment after the latter asked him if the sum of “Swan plus Swan” is two.

4.Chuva Chuchu 


Too young to die poor. Chuva was just 3 years old when his parents died. Growing alone and living a miserable life, Chuva used to sleep on dark streets and open garbage bins in search for food. For him, life is totally unfair for if only his parents were still alive, he should have been enjoying his childhood years. He should have been going to school or attending Halloween parties just like what other children in town do. How he wish his life would end soon but sooner than he thought of dying, two vigilantes tied his hands with an electrical wire, duct-taped his mouth and had swiftly buried 2 bullets on his weary innocent heart.

“People killing, people dying..children hurt and they were cryinggg..” – Black Eyed Peas

The murderers quickly disappeared but left a cardboard over his dead body. The cardboard reads in Tagalog – “Wag tularan, Churva ako. (Don’t follow me, I’m Churva).”

5.Ronald The Joker 


TOTGA is never ever a joke. Ronald obviously likes to make people around him, most especially his wife Hillary, laugh the hardest. He loves her so much that every time he comes home from work, he jokes about everything just to make her happy. For Ronald, she’s the most precious gift from up above and he’s willing to sacrifice everything for her sake. But not until the day when he discovered that his wife is pregnant of Donald’s baby. He confronted her why she cheated and the young mother tearfully confessed, “Oh, haven’t you read my e-mails? I and this child are with him to make Americah a great nation again!”

“But you said we’re stronger together!” Ronald said.

“Pasensya Ronald ang pag-ibig ay parang eleksyon. May nananalo at natatalo. (Sorry Ronald love is like an election. Someone wins and someone looses).

“You once own the top spot here in my heart but your term has just ended…

“So be TOTGA (The One To Go Away)!”


6.The Non-Conformity 


Oh my God, look at that face.

“He looks like my next mistake” – TS,1989

The culprit behind many industrial workers’ death. Both at sea or ashore, non-conformity kills mercilessly. He escaped hell by help of St. Accident, Satan’s dark angel. Now that he’s disguising human, non-conformity preys on mortals who particularly lack safety awareness and training.

Moreover, he wanted to travel the world for free so he became himself a sailor. But experts said he should have been a news correspondent since his motto in life is – In every port, report!

And oh, it’s his wildest dream to be famous singer-songwriter Taylor Swift’s next ex-boyfriend. But why he’s quickly shaking-off forever with Tay-tay, the beast ridiculed, “so she could write 10,000 songs before she turns 100!”

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On the six characters mentioned on this blog post, who do you like most?

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