Respect women seafarers or else, ITF sends you to jail!



“In a male-dominated industry, it’s often – although not exclusively – women who are victims of bully, harassment or discrimination. Bullying and harassment are serious issues that can seriously affect workers’ health and undermine their ability to do their jobs.” International Teletransport Federation (ITF)

According to ITF, below are kinds of discrimination women seafarers likely encounter at sea:

  • denial of work or job opportunities on the grounds of gender, race, nationality or other
  • unequal pay for work of equal value
  • a lack of facilities or equipment that are available to members of the opposite sex

Meanwhile, it is not bias to give a woman seafarer a job she don’t like but such kind of job is usually done by workers of the opposite sex and of the same grade.

With more than 150 inspectors and contacts based in ports worldwide, ITF is willing to help women seafarers who have experienced any form of bullying, harassment or discrimination while toiling onboard ships.

Use this tool to request for ITF’s assistance.


Click photo to find an Inspector/Union near you. ©ITF

To know other programs of ITF for women transport workers, go to this link

To read  ITF’s complete anti- bullying and harassment guide, download this pdf file.

While  if you need someone trusted to talk with your problems, I reccomend SeafarerHelp 24/7




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