PH’s Queen of Engine slays sexists at sea

In the recently concluded Cannes Festival, veteran actress Jaclyn Jose clinched the prestigious Best Actress Award,  a first for Philippines and thesame for whole Southeast Asia for her exceptional drug-dealing matriarch role on a movie entitled Ma’ Rosa.

A week ago, a charming sea woman went viral on internet due to her goddess beauty and Spartan will.

Meanwhile, a new queen caught my attention. I truly admire her royalty for she proved that nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself. Dreams do come true, just rev up your engine and be determined to propel yourself forward and reach your port of success.


© Nina da Silva

Nina Sue da Silva, an alumna of Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP), is Philippines’ first licensed Marine Chief  Engineer. Competitive like Ms. Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach, she worked hard to win the most coveted title. If Pia had learned how to be confidently beautiful, Nina on the other hand, metamorphosed by being confidently competent and beautiful both at sea and ashore.

Working and living at sea however, as the rose among the torns is cumbersome. On Inquirer, Lucia P. Tangi, a University of the Philippines- Diliman professor writes:


© Inquirer PH


© Inquirer PH

To continue, an Indian senior engineer even invited Nina inside his cabin.

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© Inquirer PH

Nina da Silva’s determination to reach the engine department’s top post sparkles.

No sexist predator had ever caught her by claws at sea. Hence, she got the respect and trust of her colleagues. In a Facebook post, the queen of engine was warmly congratulated by many Filipinos and other multinationals.


© Humans At Sea

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What can you say about the Chief Engr. da Silva’s fight against sexists at sea?

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8 thoughts on “PH’s Queen of Engine slays sexists at sea

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  3. Leonardo C Faustino

    Engineer Nina has a bigger role as a mother of two beautiful children. Our hats off to you Eng Nina. You have made a lot of pinoys proud of your accomllishments

    Liked by 1 person

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