A quick hack to make your family ‘miss you like crazy’ when you work at sea

Meet Filipino Chief Cook Roy ‘Noy’ Yap.


He looks peculiar, does he?

But did you know that Noy is a ship’s chief cook for more than ten years already?

While he looks like a funny villain on above photo, he is one Philippine modern hero.

When his ship celebrated Easter and Halloween at sea a year ago, he prepared mouth-watering foods for the crew.

Moreover, his artsy team also showcased their talents thru these cute fruit carvings;


And organized a jolly freaky costume party onboard the ship!


I worked with Noy when I was still a deck rating. Personally, I know him as a responsible and loving father of his family. For him, his family is life’s greatest blessing, where life begins and where love never ends.

I learned from him that an affluent family has happy and contented family members.

Mag-ipon and mag-start ng negosyo kahit maliit muna, but that’s a very common answer and every OFW knew it, pero bakit out of 100% only 10% lang ang nakakagawa [mag-negosyo, so given the question, I will answer on my own perspective of how I understand the word ‘maunlad’ na pamilya… Some may quickly think pag sinabing maunlad is mayaman or mapera, but for me, ang pagiging maunlad is simply being happy and contented.  

Considering that he’s like an older brother to me, I asked him what tips he can share for someone like me who’s working abroad would eventually enter marriage life soon.

Champing at the bit, he shared these valuable points:

1. Stay online – Keep on communicating, hindi lang sa wife but dapat pati sa mga anak, go down to their level para maka-relate ka sa mga ginagawa nila, attend their needs, and make them feel na parang kasama mo prin sila lagi, that way, mababawasan ang absence mo, and mas maiiwasang hindi mag rebelde ang mga bata.

2. Avoid arguments – [Halimbawa] lalo na sa net kasi pag biglang nawala ang net, [kung] di ka pa makakapag-expain [ng nangyayari], patay na!…WW3 agad so if you are in need of deep conversation with your family, find the most convenient way or time na hindi mapuputol ang usapan ninyo, that way, mas maayos ng maayos ang problema.

3.Prioritize homePag uwi galing abroad, diretso agad sa pamilya, exempted yung mga kailangan pa mag report muna sa Manila bago umuwi  sa probinsya. Make them feel sila ang top priority mo hindi ang barkada. Pagdating, bonding agad kayo buong pamilya.

4.Make lasting memories – Kids love mamasyal na buo ang family, they will treasure and keep it in their memory, so make a lot of it. Remember, pag down ang isang tao, just think [of] happy thoughts. It helps! Hindi kailangan maging magastos. Picnic o family da [at], jogging lang every weekends solve na. Make a lot of activities like these with your family.

5.Don’t be king – Help your wife at home -be a cook, driver, plumber, carpenter. Yes! If you go home and act like e a boss, then your family will be more happy to see you away, than boss them around.  Remember that your kids always see you as a role model, and when they grew up and find a partner, he/she will look for someone awesome like you.


4 thoughts on “A quick hack to make your family ‘miss you like crazy’ when you work at sea

  1. Rodrigo Yap

    wow… flattered and speechless…Thank You for publishing Mr. SeaAmbassador. Continue your good deeds by writings and blogs, our field really needs it. More Power!!! Kampai!!!

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