4 Quick and effective ways to quit smoking



Many people even had attempted to stop smoking forever but for some reasons, they failed.

Smoking is easy to learn but hard to unlearn. For die-hard smokers, hitting the brake is a big challenge for the following reasons:

– they crave for more nicotine

– they become more irritable

-they suffer from poor concentration

– & they often feel hungry.

However, if someone is really committed to quit, he’ll do everything to fulfill his goal.

Today is always the best time to start a healthier life. Isn’t it?


Here are  some of the helpful tips proven to be effective.

Replace nicotine.- Patches or chewing gum relieves the withdrawal symptoms and double’s a smoker’s chance of successfully quitting.

Never say never. – The average smoker stops smoking and starts again four times before finally quitting: attempts to give up the habit should not be abandoned because of one failure.

Relax and refrain from alcoholic drinks. – About three-quarters of smokers who stop and start again do so either because of stress or active involvement in social occasions, especially those that involve alcohol.

Establish barriers. – Banning smoking in work areas and recreation rooms can help smokers who are trying to quit and relapse.


Reference: International Medical Guide for Ships, World Health Organization.

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