The Importance of Marine Environment


Our planet is mainly covered with 139 million square miles or 360 million square kilometers of water. Interestingly, 80% of life on Earth is found on our seas, rivers, lakes and oceans and below are some more fun facts about vast oceans.

  1. Most of the earth’s oxygen is a product of photosynthesis in ocean organisms.
  2. The fresh water on the earth’s surface comes from the oceans.
  3. The ocean moderates the earth’s climate and affects the weather.

With the various benefits we get from the marine environment, I’m still puzzled why many of us are continuously degrading it.

A seafarer mainly depends on the seas and oceans to earn a living thus, he/she has a critical role to play for its preservation and conservation.

How can you set yourself as a good example for others and for the rest of the world to emulate sailor? Let us know by writing a comment below.

Source: The importance of protecting the marine environment: A seafarers Guide pamphlet.


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