Big bro saves sister in school; His reason will touch your heart!


Garry (not his real name) is the oldest child of the family and he used to fill-in the shoes of his OFW father. For some other reasons or maybe he’s not matured yet to deal wisely with the family affairs he revealed that it made him cry in the night. Such heavy challenge however, provided him one of the best opportunities to grow as a more responsible adult and as time passed by, he was able to embrace his fate – the family’s breadwinner, leader and a sub-father.

When the opportunity to work abroad came Garry grabbed it, highly hoping that he could render more financial aid to his beloved ones. Eventually, his mother and younger siblings were left at home. The “fathers” were gone and it pushed the next oldest child to fill-in the vacant post.

Once, Garry was about to sleep but his sister’s distressing message kicked him out of bed and worry a lot. He was informed that his mother was in bad shape and his sister didn’t know what to do. Used of responding to various complicated situations to protect the welfare of the family, Garry hold his shaking nerves and responded accordingly. After some sleepless nights and noble cooperation, the situation finally went back to normal.

Even million miles away from home, from rendering first-aid to ease his mother’s pain, to thinking about hospital admission and costly hospital bills and even fostering his sister’s studies, Garry is indeed his family’s shoulder to cry on.

Below is a copy of a letter he sent to his sister’s professors after their mother was hospitalized.


Do you know somebody who’s lion-hearted as Garry?

Do you agree that OFW Families suffer more from various difficulties in exchange of securing a brighter future or a more comfortable life or do you have your own story to share?

Like Garry, let your heart speak your mind. Write your thoughts by posting a comment below.


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