Where’s the Anchor?



The starboard anchor was weighed and the vessel proceeded to
berth. The starboard anchor was again used during berthing along
with the mooring lines as per the port procedures, and six shackles
were deployed in 25 metres of water. The next day, after discharging a
parcel of cargo, the vessel was departing the port; the anchor was to be
weighed after letting go the lines.
As the starboard anchor broke the surface of the water the officer on
duty informed the wheelhouse that the flukes and crown of the anchor
were missing.

Root cause

This could be due to a latent defect, as such an occurrence is unusual
under normal usage. Even under excessive load conditions, the D
Shackle on the chain, which is the weaker link, should break fist. This
indicates a probable casting defect which has surfaced after three years
of use.


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