Pinoy Seafarers, 3-in-1!


Modern heroes at sea

Seafaring is highly regarded as a risky and physically demanding career not just because of never-ending maintenance job onboard but also, of harsh weather and sea conditions. Filipino seafarers however, have the unique & innate ability to cope easily with difficult situations at sea. This characteristic usually wins the minds of foreign ship owners to hire Filipino workforce to man their fleet. We are the preferred choice for in one way or the other, we know how to go the extra mile and make a difference.

Race with sealegs

Whether the weather is good or whether the weather is bad, Filipino seafarers are men of steel. The hard work, courage and determination we possess serve as our ticket to fly high and be recognized globally as catalysts of positive change.

Moreover, we toil not only to support our own families but also for nation-building being the primary source of the country’s income through remittances we send home.

Global keyplayers

The last EMSA Audit showed that Philippines should exert more effort to standardize its seafarers particularly when it comes to our training and education. No one wants to be blacklisted, not even the least concerned individual of our great nation. However, a light of hope stroked through the overcast sky when European shipping magnates plead not to cease hiring Filipino seafarers. This only show that even we’re slightly disabled, we still worth a weight of gold! Though we are being valued, we should effectively recognize and continuously rectify our own lapses. We are the world’s agents of change and it’s just right to keep up the good work and embark on innovative measures to improve our weaknesses, as is necessary and practicable.


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