OWWA Membership and Benefits

As a seafarer I admit that one of the first things that comes into my mind when I hear the name Overseas Workers Welfare Administration is the OEC or Overseas Employment Certificate, which in the absence of such, I definitely can’t go out of the country and work at sea. When I started to do some online research however, I found out that I should have armed myself a long time ago with some more OWWA related knowledge! And since I don’t want you to feel the same, I’m writing this blog not only to promote OWWA as OFW’s partner in distress and progress but also to inform and educate my fellow OFW’s about the government agency’s services we truly worth to avail.

To provide you with more comprehensive information, I choose to present the following texts extracted from OWWA’s official website.


The OWWA is a membership institution. As such, its programs, projects and services are geared towards safeguarding and promoting the welfare and interests of its members.

For a US$25.00 membership contribution, an OWWA member is entitled to various benefits and services. Membership in OWWA may be obtained in two ways:
1. By enrollment upon processing of contract at the POEA; and
2. By voluntary registration of a would-be member at job sites overseas.

Proof of Membership

The names of all OWWA members are maintained by the OWWA and the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) in a database which is updated regularly. Members are issued an Official Receipt upon payment of contribution. They shall likewise be issued an OWWA e-Card.

Effectivity of Membership

OWWA membership, either through the compulsory or voluntary coverages, shall be effective upon payment of membership contribution, until expiration of the employment contract.
In case of voluntary members who register on-site, membership shall not exceed two (2) years.

Renewal of Membership

Membership shall be renewed upon payment of contribution on contract renewal / issuance of new contract. In the case of voluntary membership, coverage shall be renewed upon payment of contribution.


Insurance and Health-Care Program Benefits

a. Life/Accident Insurance
A member is covered with life insurance for the duration of his employment contract. The coverage includes P100,000.00 for natural death and P200,000.00 for accidental death.

b. Disability and Dismemberment Benefits
A member shall be entitled to disability/dismemberment benefits ranging from P2,000.00 to P50,000.00.

c. Total Disability Benefit
In case of total permanent disability, a member shall be entitled to P100,000.00

d. Burial Benefit
A burial benefit of P20,000.00 shall be provided in case of the member’s death.

Basic Requirements for Life Insurance, Disability, Dismemberment and Burial Benefits:

1. Passport (for Land-based OFW)
Seaman’s Service Record Book (for Sea-based OFW)
2. Certificate of Membership issued by the OWWA Membership
Processing Center (MPC)
3. OFW/Seaman’s undertaking executed by claimant (for Death claim)

Documentary Requirements for Life Insurance Benefits:

1. Original Death Certificate issued by Local Civil Registrar (LCR) or
Authenticated by National Statistic Office (NSO) or Foreign Death
Certificate for OFW who died abroad and accident report for death due to accident
2. Burial Permit
3. Official receipt of funeral expenses
4. ID picture of claimant (2 pieces
5. Any of the following applicable documents certified by LCR
-Marriage certificate – if claimant is the spouse
-Birth certificate of OFW – if claimant is the mother or Father
-Birth certificate of child and death certificate of deceased
spouse, if claimant is the child
-Certificate of no marriage
In the absence of birth/marriage certificate, the following must be submitted:
1. Certificate from LCR that fact of marriage/birth is not recorded in the civil registry
2. Baptismal/marriage certificate certified by the Parish priest /office
3. Affidavit of two (2) disinterested persons re facts of birth / marriage
and claimant’s relationship to the deceased

Documentary Requirements for Disability Benefit

1. Foreign medical certificate
2. Medical certificate issued by the local attending Physician with medical examination procedure, e.g., X-ray, MRI, CT Scan
3. Accident report

Releasing Requirements

Any 2 (original and valid copy) of the following:
1. Passport
2. Office ID
3. Postal ID
4. Driver’s license
5. Original NBI clearance
6. Senior Citizenship ID

Source:  Overseas Workers Welfare Agency

I hope I had provided you with what you want to know about membership and various benefits you can get from Overseas Workers Welfare Agency

But before I end, do you know that aside from accident or death benefits, a certified member can loan money from the agency and/or he can avail scholarship programs?

For these matters, don’t miss to read my other blog about it. Read it here OWWA Scholarship Grants


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  1. pati

    hi. saan po pwedeng makakuha nang copy po ng proof of contribution sa owwa? hindi po kasi ako makakuha sa employer ko. salamat.


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