Potential trouble by dead electronics on US airports

Picture1 (4)The US Transportation Security Administration mandates passengers to follow a new regulation which aimed to scrutinize travelers’ electronic devices and battery powered equipment. Generally, it’s part of updating the tightened security measures on USA airports to combat potential threats of terrorists coming from Middle East and Europe. On this connection, an Overseas Filipino Worker flying inbound or outbound of the world’s most powerful nation should ensure that his electronic gadgets on hand are “alive” or else his flight might be delayed or worse, be cancelled. Nevertheless, an alternative way is to give-away such stuff to airport security personnel for free! Well, leave it to the experts or lose your plane my friend.

I’m sure that no OFW wants his back to the wall, especially if he’s going home after many months of hard work and sacrifices while working abroad. If he wants to stay out of trouble, he should take personal responsibility to comply with what security personnel requires him to perform.

To give more details, I opt to share the following points raised by our travel agency which was based on Bergen, Norway. If you think going you’ll be affected, in one way or another, of the implementation of more stringent security measures, the following may help you secure a smooth sailing.

  • You, as a customer of USA’s airport may be asked to turn on any electronic or battery powered devices such as telephones, tablets, e-books and laptops in front of security teams and/or elicit the item’s functionality. If you failed to demonstrate that your device has power, you would likely not allowed to fly on your planned service. Kindly do all you can to ensure that the items you bring are fully-charged before arriving at the airport. Avoid bringing broken devices in your hand luggage as well for it might cause serious delays.
  • Please be reminded that on some US airports, charging stations or facilities are very limited plus costumers use of electronic devices are subject to normal or special operating rules.


What electronic devices are covered by the new TSA regulation?

– All electronic devices such as tablets, telephones, e-books, laptops and the like are covered. If security teams ask you to power on your device, you are obliged to do so.

What happens if my device’s battery is empty?

– You are not allowed to fly when your device is dead.

I just have connecting flights on US, what happens if my electronic device has run out of battery by the time I arrive?

-All electronic devices must have power. Even you’re on connecting flight/s, a dead device won’t let you fly. You better use your electrical and electronic devices sparingly if you are going on a long journey before getting to any US destination.

If I can’t fly due to failure of electronic device to turn on, will I be allowed to re-book?

-If your device doesn’t power up when you are requested to do so, you will not be allowed to fly on your original service. Airlines customer service team will look after the re-booking of your travel arrangements.

 Will all races be subject to the additional security measures?

– All customers of US airports, no matter of age or nationality, must be prepared to turn on their electronic device/s whenever required to do so

I have just purchased a new electronic item from an airport shop; can I carry it onboard if it has no power?

– No. The newly bought item should have the capacity to power on. In addition, the item and its packaging may also be examined.

 Can I use my device inside the airport portals?

– Customers can use their devices onboard as normal guidelines are implemented.

I no longer wish to travel, can I change my flight?

Normal rules on purchase of airline tickets apply

Can I use a mobile boarding pass as normal?

– Yes, a costumer will still be able to use mobile devices as boarding passes. Just take in mind however that your device has sufficient power to support this function and the security team’s inspection.

 I am flying outbound of USA, what I will be required to do?

– The airlines comply with all the required security regulation on each country they fly to. They will continue to conduct additional random security processes on a wide range of destinations. 

A safe and silky flight will never happen if the security gate, on the very first place, rejects your intention to check-in due to noncompliance with the new aviation security rule. So fully charge the battery of your gadget, save battery life as much as possible and be cooperative to airport security personnel. And when your seat belt is finally fastened, I wish you the happiest and most meaningful trip of your life Kabayan!


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